Brand: Vnzane

I have some ideas...

As new brand of ENPU, Vnzane is name inspired by the cantonese prounciation of YUAN ZHEN.
YUAN ZHEN is related to Zen philosophy ,stands for purity ,genuineness and originality.


It appeals to everyone to return to their original nature.
By this ,we remind ourselves of our original intention in cable manufacturing and business development,
which is Virtuous,Nice,Zealous,Active,Natty and Efficient.


The proposition of Vnzane  is:


-Being Virtuous in doing business,
-Providing products in Nice quality,
-Being Zealous to all customers,
-Call for having an Active mind in work,
-Being Natty in behavior and dressing,
-Handing all work in an Efficient way 


We are young , energetic and full of ideas. 
Meanwhile we need partners like you to exploit the market  and development together.