Cat8 Will Occupy the Cable Market Soon?

Release Time:2020-11-23

Category 8

Category 8 was ratified by the TR43   working group under ANSI/TIA 568-C.2-1.   It'is defined up 2000   MHz and only for distances from  30  to  36m  depending on the patch cords used.    ISO is expected to ratify the equivalent in 2018 but will have 2 options:

  • Class I channel (Category 8.1 cable): minimum cable design U/FTP or F/UTP, fully backward compatible and interoperable   with   Class    EA (Category 6A)   using   8P8C   connectors

  • Class II channel  (Category 8.2     cable): F/FTP or S/FTP minimum,  interoperable with Class FA           (Category 7A) using TERA or GG45 connectors.

Category 8 is designed only for data centers where distances between switches and servers are short. It is not intended for general office cabling.

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Class A: link/channel up to 100 kHz using Category 1 cable/connectorslink/channel up to 100 kHz using Category 1 cable/connectors

Classes and categories

The standard defines several link/channel classes and cabling categories of twisted-pair copper interconnects, which differ in the maximum frequency for which a certain channel performance is required:

  • Class A: link / channel up to 100 kHz using Category 1 cable/connectors

  • Class B: link / channel up to 1 MHz using Category 2 cable/connectors

  • Class C: link / channel up to 16 MHz using Category 3 cable/connectors

  • Class D: link / channel up to 100 MHz using Category 5e cable/connectors

  • Class E: link / channel up to 250 MHz using Category 6 cable/connectors

  • Class EA: link / channel up to 500 MHz using Category 6A cable/connectors (Amendment 1 and 2 to ISO/IEC 11801, 2nd Ed.)

  • Class F: link / channel up to 600 MHz using Category 7 cable/connectors

  • Class FA: link / channel up to 1000 MHz using Category 7A cable/connectors (Amendment 1 and 2 to ISO/IEC 11801, 2nd Ed.)

  • Class I: link / channel up to 2000 MHz using Category 8.1 cable/connectors (specification under development)

  • Class II: link / channel up to 2000 MHz using Category 8.2 cable/connectors (specification under development)

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Although currently application of Cat8 Category 8 cable is not extensive, but with  the  increasing  requirements of network cabling  for  transmission       performance,  we believe that Cat8     Category 8 cable will gradually become the mainstream product of integrated wiring systems in data centers in the   future.

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