Low Capacitance Cable    

Product Description:
Conductor: 2*2/4*24AWG stranded TC
Polyethylene insulation: white/ blue & blue white;
white/orange & orange/white
Pairs: 2 pairs twisted

Insulation: FPE
Shield: 100% overall aluminium foil-polyester tape screen
Drain wire: 24AWG stranded TC
PVC jacket: grey

Suitable for connection of security control systems; low capacitance cable wiring; cable wiring for audio products installation

Physical Characteristics (Overall)

Conductor TypeStranded
Conductor Size24AWG
Drain Wire Size24AWG
TC Braid Coverage90%
Overall Nominal Diameter8.6MM
Packing100M, 250M, 305M, 500M

Electric Characteristics (Overall)

Nominal Characteristic Impedance120 Ohms
Nominal Inductance213 μH/ft
Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Conductor at 1 KHz12.8 pF/ft
Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Other Conductor & Shield at 1 KHz23 pF/ft
Nominal Velocity of Propagation66%
Nominal Conductor DC Resistance at 20℃24 Ohms/1000ft
Nominal Outer Shield DC Resistance at 202.2 Ohms/1000ft
Max. Operating Voltage - UL 30 V RMS (UL AWM Style 2919)300 V RMS
Max. Recommended Current2.1 Amps per conductor at 25

Mechanical Characteristics (Overall)

Operating Temperature Range(-30 to +80)
UL Temperature Range80

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