Multi-Conductor-Shielded Twisted Pair    

Production Description:
Conductor: 2*2*22AWG stranded TC
Polyethylene insulation: red/black, green/white
Pairs: 2 pairs twisted
Shield: 100% overall aluminium foil-polyester tape screen
Drain wire: 22AWG stranded TC
PVC jacket: grey

Apply to EIA RS-422 communication network system, building self-control, security system
Power system automation technology
Industry control network system

Physical Characteristics (Overall)

Conductor TypeStranded
Conductor Size22AWG
Drain Wire Size24AWG
Overall Nominal Diameter4.1MM
Packing100M, 250M, 305M, 500M

Electric Characteristics (Overall)

Nominal Characteristic Impedance52 Ohms
Nominal Inductance0.17μH/ft
Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Conductor at 1 KHz33 pF/ft
Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Other Conductor & Shield at 1 KHz62 pF/ft
Nominal Conductor DC Resistance at 20℃14.7 Ohms/1000ft
Nominal Velocity of Propagation66%
Max. Operating Voltage - UL 30 V RMS (UL AWM Style 2092)300 V RMS
Max. Recommended Current2.3 Amps per conductor at 25℃

Mechanical Characteristics (Overall)

Operating Temperature Range(-20℃ to +60)
UL Temperature Range60

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