VGA Cable EP-V803    

Digital TV-CBLE, satellite, and terrestrial  broadcasts
Digital movies-DVDs
Digital displays-Plasma, LCD, DLP, LCOS
Digital interactivity-PVRs, MHP, OCAP
D-VHS players
Audio/Video receivers

Data Specification:

ConnectorFull 15Pin
ConductorBC, CCS... (optional)
Wire Gauge22AWG, 24AWG, 26AWG, 28AWG, 30AWG...(optional)
Connector TypeGold plated, Nickel plated
Wire SpecificationVGA3+2/3+4/3+5/3+6/3+9 available
InsulationFoamed PE
ShieldingAL/Mylar, Braid
JacketPVC, PE
Ferrite Corewith one ferrite core, two ferrite cores
Outer Diameter5.3mm--8.0mm
Length1.5m, 1.8m, 3m.....(optional)
ColorBlack, White...(optional)

Technical Characteristics:

VoltageDC300V 5M ohm/10ms
Insulation Resistance10 OHM min
Contact Resistance2 ohm max
Working Temperature-25℃-80℃

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